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Premier Wynne Doesn’t Really Know Her Tory History, Does She?

You might think, given the role of Ontario in Canadian history, that Premier Wynne (or at least her speechwriters) would be at least passingly familiar with Canadian history. Or at least did a brief search on Wikipedia. Apparently not: “I’ve … Continue reading

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The Leadership Lesson of Eglinton-Lawrence

It isn’t often that a political party’s grassroots manage to save its leadership from the consequences of its own actions. Such, however, is the case of the riding of Eglinton-Lawrence and the local Liberal riding association’s rejection of Justin Trudeau’s … Continue reading

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Why Jeb Bush Is Braver Than The Ontario Liberal Party

Private e-mails made public, as Sony Pictures executives and now surely attest, can sink a career. They can also, with a certain amount of bravery, bolster it. as Jeb Bush is now wont to demonstrate. It’s a risk, certainly. Something … Continue reading

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When Justin Fights Tony Ianno, He Fights Stephen Harper Too

Should those young “advisors” in the Prime Minister’s Office ever want to figure out why Justin Trudeau is still riding high in the opinion polls in spite of their negative ads, they should make this Globe and Mail story required … Continue reading

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Getting Through the Wynneter of Tory Discontent

Being a conservative (both economic and social) by nature, I tend to subscribe to a lot of Tory feeds on Twitter. You can therefore imagine the overall tone of my Twitter feed yesterday — perhaps a “progressive” ironist would even … Continue reading

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How I’ll Vote in the Ontario Election

The last time I voted in an Ontario election, in 2011, I did so in the advance poll (because I would be out of town on election day). I voted for the NDP; my riding wound up with the Liberal … Continue reading

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So Sorry, Mr. Naqvi

This morning, when I was going to work, I noticed this sign. You have to admit, that bit on the top is a bit unusual for a candidate sign. If you’re not familiar with the name, Mr. Naqvi is the … Continue reading

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