The Comments Policy

Comments for blog posts are always encouraged. They are also moderated.

This means I will vet your comment before I allow it to appear on this blog. I’ve found that if I don’t allow abusive, libelous, or trolling comments to appear, the less likely I am to get them in the first place. Simple rule: if I have a bad opinion of your comment, doesn’t matter what reason, it doesn’t appear.

That doesn’t mean I won’t publish anything critical of my blogposts. I encourage legitimate criticism, especially if it’s well thought out.

I also reserve the right to correct a comment for spelling, punctuation, and errors in grammar. I dunno, some commenters seem to regard their typing idiosyncracies as a matter of personal style. I say such things get in the way of the point they’re trying to make.

One other thing: comments for posts will close two weeks after the post appears.

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