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I Will Not Mourn The CBC

If I may be honest about what I’m thinking … this was long overdue. Ever since the CBC’s English TV network lost the rights to NHL hockey, most Canadian media watchers have been playing the “whither the CBC” game. And … Continue reading

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Getting Through the Wynneter of Tory Discontent

Being a conservative (both economic and social) by nature, I tend to subscribe to a lot of Tory feeds on Twitter. You can therefore imagine the overall tone of my Twitter feed yesterday — perhaps a “progressive” ironist would even … Continue reading

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How I’ll Vote in the Ontario Election

The last time I voted in an Ontario election, in 2011, I did so in the advance poll (because I would be out of town on election day). I voted for the NDP; my riding wound up with the Liberal … Continue reading

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So Sorry, Mr. Naqvi

This morning, when I was going to work, I noticed this sign. You have to admit, that bit on the top is a bit unusual for a candidate sign. If you’re not familiar with the name, Mr. Naqvi is the … Continue reading

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Welcome To My New Home

Okay. You’ll probably have noticed that my web address is now slightly different. That’s because I’ve switched webhosts from Yahoo Small Business to My reason is quite simple: after reviewing the state of my finances, I finally realized that … Continue reading

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