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Yes, Iggy’s Back. And No, You Shouldn’t Yawn

Sometimes I get the feeling our political pundits like to blast our current and former politicians as a way to pass the time. Take, for example, Michael Den Tandt’s takedown of Michael Ignatieff, just because the former Liberal leader chose … Continue reading

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Why Sell Justin?

Much, it seems, has been written by dissatisfied Tories about Justin Trudeau’s family portrayal in Chatelaine. Frankly, all I have to say is people who think they’re going to find hard hitting political commentary in a lifestyle magazine (which is … Continue reading

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Don Cherry Doesn’t Need the Order of Canada

It seems that Joe Warmington, of the Sun News Network, is a little upset that Don Cherry wasn’t on this week’s list of honorees for the Order of Canada. He lists a bunch of famous people who are in the … Continue reading

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I Will Not Mourn The CBC

If I may be honest about what I’m thinking … this was long overdue. Ever since the CBC’s English TV network lost the rights to NHL hockey, most Canadian media watchers have been playing the “whither the CBC” game. And … Continue reading

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