How I’ll Vote in the Ontario Election

The last time I voted in an Ontario election, in 2011, I did so in the advance poll (because I would be out of town on election day). I voted for the NDP; my riding wound up with the Liberal Yasir Naqvi as its MPP.

Tomorrow I will vote in election day proper, and my procedure will be as follows:

1. In addition to the usual IDs required, I will have a coin on my person.

2. In the booth, I will flip the coin. Heads for the Tories, tails for the NDP.

3. Whichever wins the toss, gets my vote.

The thing is, I’m somewhat ambivalent when it comes to who should represent Ottawa Centre at Queen’s Park. It’s obvious, of course, that I won’t be supporting the Liberals, but to be frank I could live with either of the other parties being the MPP for this riding.

I’m still not convinced that Tim Hudak could be a great premier of Ontario. I am willing to concede, though, that his campaigning has improved over his past attempt in 2011, and that does count for something. It’s why I’m not automatically voting NDP this time round.

I will say one thing about this election: it’s making me look forward to Friday the 13th.

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