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The Federal Liberal Hopefuls: Arguing Over Bacn

No, there’s no misspelling in the blogpost title. Bacn (rhymes with what goes with eggs) refers to solicited e-mail messages from an organization to whom an e-mail addresss was voluntarily sent. If you’ve ever gone to a trade show, seen … Continue reading

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The Lessons of Dion

Hugh McIntyre over at Freedom is My Nationality asks, “Is there a lesson to be learned from the rise and fall of Stephane Dion? Is there some sort of warning that future leaders should take to heart?” It’s a good … Continue reading

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The Dion Leadership Deathwatch: Wisdom from a “Wise Man”

When Jim Karygiannis says Dion’s a goner, that’s just a disgruntled backbench MP. When Michael Ignatieff starts musing about getting a new leader, that’s just ambition and politics. But when John Manley starts making noises about Dion needing to go … Continue reading

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Bob Rae Picks the Wrong Slogan

Bob Rae, from all appearances, has picked a slogan for his leadership campaign: “Ready to Roll.” It’s got some positive resonances. From the heroic “Let’s Roll” of Flight 93 (for today’s media-aware audience), to the “Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ ” of … Continue reading

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Bob Rae’s Free Liberal Memberships: Priceless? Or Worthless?

There’s something that’s peculiarly bothersome about Bob Rae’s campaign plank of making membership in the Liberal Party free of charge. I think this particular concept of Rae’s is rooted in the obsolete notion of the Liberal Party as the “natural … Continue reading

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