Maria Mourani Sees The Light

You may remember that Ms. Mourani, the member of Parliament for Ahuntsic, was expelled from the caucus of the Bloc Québécois for criticizing the Quebec Values Charter. Today she’s released a statement:

Who would have thought! The flagship of sovereignty is nothing like it was before. There are still a few independentist leaders who advocate an inclusive vision of the Quebec identity, but they are clearly on the fringe.

The ease with which Quebec’s Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms can be changed, even abolished, has convinced me of the relevance of the Canadian federal system. I have come to the conclusion that my belonging to Canada, including its Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, better protects the Quebec identity of all citizens of Quebec. I am no longer an independentist.

Some of the more partisan among you may be tempted to dismiss this: she’s just a backbencher, or “she’s just an independent looking to joining the NDP” or some such thing. But that would be ignoring a basic fact of life: when a project fails, it’s usually not the fault of its enemies but the fault of its supporters.

Premier Marois’s Charter, with its dismissal of religious minorities and overemphasis on the pur laine, has already brought out the ugly side of the Quebec political character. It’s now starting to raise a very simple question among the very people whose support the PQ government is seeking: if this is what the government is already doing under the current system, how much worse will things get if they get independence?

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One Response to Maria Mourani Sees The Light

  1. Nicola T. says:

    Too bad none of the federal parties really do intervene to support anglo and allophone rights in Quebec.

    While I applaud her courage because she is going to receive a lot of nasty e-mails, death threats, etc., I wish she would renounce socialism also, not to mention the climate change religion. But one step at a time (one can always dream).

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