Ken Epp Award Nominees: Pat Martin and Andrew Saxton

Well, it’s been a while since we last had a rhetorically silly exchange in Question Period. This particular one is from yesterday’s Question Period:

Mr. Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre, NDP): Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives are deluded if they think that the Auditor General was somehow congratulating them for doing a good job. The Auditor General lambasted them in the strongest language I have ever seen in an Auditor General’s report.

If this $3.1-billion boondoggle was their only problem, it would be different, but we have a pattern developing here of ministers resigning, lives at risk in search and rescue mismanagement and unreported privacy violations of a million Canadians. It makes one wonder what this government is good at.

There is one thing it is good at: re-branding Government of Canada websites in Conservative Party colours to make it look like somehow there is no difference between the Conservative Party and the–

The Acting Speaker (Mr. Bruce Stanton): The hon. Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board.

Mr. Andrew Saxton (Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board and for Western Economic Diversification, CPC): Mr. Speaker, regarding government websites, different colours were tested with web specialists. They found that blue worked best. Do not take my word for it. The website says:

Blue is a favourite color of both men and women of all ages…. It may be the calming effect of the color blue that makes it a popular colour for both men and women or it could be the association of some shades of blue with authority figures, intelligence, and stability.

I’m not quite sure which is sillier: the member of the Opposition complaining about the design colors of government websites, or the Parly Sec justifying the design on the basis of an internet site like

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4 Responses to Ken Epp Award Nominees: Pat Martin and Andrew Saxton

  1. Frances says:

    Late in commenting, but was at a CRA presentation on efiling, and the presenter, a gov’t employee, made a crack about the colour change. Haven’t heard of similar comments when everything is Liberal red.

  2. Hochelaganianistic tea potter says:

    the 3.1 issue spanned 2001 to 2009. That’s 5 years of Lib Chretien/Martin rule and 3 years of Conservative Harper government. It WILL be found. So to will the 2 billion cost over-run blown on the Gun Registry, the ???illions in Sponsorship, and where the heck Pierre Poutine is shacking up.

  3. To quote from the report:
    “We asked Secretariat officials for information on whether such reallocations had occurred and whether assurances were provided by departments. We were informed that discussions took place between the departments and agencies and the Secretariat as part of the normal program challenge function. However, financial information on reallocations was not captured. The Secretariat, however, worked with us to identify several possible scenarios:

    The funding may have lapsed without being spent.
    It may have been spent on PSAT activities and reported as part of ongoing programs spending.
    It may have been carried forward and spent on programs not related to the Initiative.”

    Not really rhetorically silly, is it?

  4. Geo says:

    What about the 3.1 billion dollars that the Harper government can’t account for?

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