Pierre Poilievre 1, Charlie Angus 0

I’m starting to get the impression that the New Democrat member for Timmins – James Bay isn’t really enjoying his time in question period, particularly when it comes to trying to make the Parly Sec for Infrastructure look bad. I offer as evidence this exchange from yesterday:

Mr. Charlie Angus: Mr. Speaker, it is unfortunate that the Conservatives believe it is recess when they need to explain why a man who is facing an international warrant for money laundering was personally chosen by the Prime Minister to oversee Canada’s spy agents, why the Prime Minister personally chose a convicted fraud artist, Bruce Carson, into his inner circle and why the Prime Minister’s appointees Wallin, Brazeau and Duffy continue to thumb their nose at the taxpayer. This is about the Prime Minister’s judgment.

When will Conservatives come clean and clean up the patronage system that the Prime Minister has put in place?

Mr. Pierre Poilievre: Mr. Speaker, normally I would be hurt by those angry words, but the member across the way is just depressed.

I would suggest that he put a little spice in his life, but then he would end up on the NDP’s sodium registry.

Maybe a hunting trip with the boys, but then again he would not be welcome after the gun registry betrayal.

Perhaps a countryside drive, but then he would have to pay the NDP carbon tax on the gasoline.

Maybe some gentle music would help, but then he would have the pay the iPod tax.

No wonder he is so depressed over there. Those members want to register and tax fun out of existence.

Granted, this repartee not as witty as some of the quotations I’ve seen from Parliament’s history. But these days, I think we should take what we can get.

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