Vogon Revealed: Pat Martin

Oh my. It’s been a while since we had one of these. It would seem that New Democrat MP Pat Martin, having been liberated from the wit-dulling activity that is Twitter, has discovered his inner Vogon:

Farewell to the lowly old penny,
The most common of coins that we’ll see,
And once served us well,
But most people will tell,
It ain’t what it once used to be.

There’s nothing a penny will buy anymore,
Not a gum ball or small piece of candy,
We don’t even use the old fashioned fuse,
Where the penny at least came in handy.

Nope, the penny’s a nuisance,
It cost too much to make,
They clutter our change purse,
And they don’t circulate.

They build up in piles,
And in old cookie jars,
Under our beds,
And in our desk drawers.

You can’t give them away,
They cost more than they’re worth,
It’s time to put them all out to pasture,
Put them out to the curb.

No, the penny is useless,
But there’s one thing I’d say,
I hope they never start treating old MPs this way.

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One Response to Vogon Revealed: Pat Martin

  1. dance...dancetotheradio says:

    A hitchhiker’s reference.
    And it makes sense, too.
    At work the other day I was trying to explain the restaurant at the end of the universe to someone but I couldn’t do it justice.
    I’ve got to listen to that series again.

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