Random Thoughts on Yesterday’s Liberal Leadership Debate Showcase All Candidates Mashup

  • I’m guessing most of you didn’t bother watching yesterday afternoon’s all-candidates meeting for the Liberal leadership. Most of you made a wise choice.
  • Apparently it was carried by Sun News Network, CBC News Network but not the actual main English one. It would never have occurred to me to credit the CBC English network executives with intelligence, but clearly yesterday showed they had some.
  • Biggest non-surprise of the event: Marc Garneau enjoys cleaning. Actually it doesn’t surprise me at all. First, he’s a Navy officer, and navy officers have the habit of daily “cleaning stations” that could be considered a “team-building” exercise. Second, he’s been in orbit. Try to imagine decluttering a space when you have no gravity, and you suddenly realize that regular cleaning is easy by comparison.
  • Some of the other candidates did do a riff on Mr. Garneau’s guilty pleasure. Martha Hall Findlay, apparently, hates cleaning. Tech screwup number one: George Takach, the self-proclaimed “tech” candidate, sabotaged himself by saying, “One word for you, Marc: SWIFFER!” (He might have earned points by saying “Roomba.”)
  • Most confident on an issue: Martha Hall Findlay on ending supply management. Biggest defender of supply management: Martin Cauchon. Memo to CBC Radio 1: those two. In studio. For The Current. Make it happen.
  • Most shortchanged candidate: Karen McCrimmon. The ex-Army officer is the one with the least name recognition, and so she got to go first. But her time was interrupted by a drummer from the Idle No More movement, and so she wasn’t able to develop the personal momentum she needed. (As an aside, note to Liberal Party organizers: it doesn’t matter if you express sympathy with them. You’re doing a public event, and events draw attention. Expect them again.)
  • This was the first time I actually saw Justin Trudeau in action. It’s a familiar format (think talk show circuit), so of course he’d do well with it. One good point: bringing up boxing as a means of character building for urban youth. We know he personally does it (sit down, Senator Brazeau), and so it’s a bit of personal biography that resonates well with the audience. The drawback of this is that he wasn’t, seriously, tested.
  • Fashion screwup number one: David Bertschi does his appearance with a bright red Liberal Party scarf round neck and shoulders. If you squinted, you got the impression that he was wrapping himself in the flag. In this cynical age, that’s not done anymore.
  • Fashion screwup number two: Martin Cauchon sits down to reveal that he’s wearing bright red socks with his dark blue suit. He forgets that it’s not spring, baseball hasn’t started yet, and he’s not in Boston.
  • Tech screwup number two: David Bertschi kept referring the audience to the “25-point” plan on his website. 25 points is good for frequent flier miles; in this context, though, it’s a PowerPoint presentation, and it puts people off.
  • I suspect Warren Kinsella (if he even bothers to write about it, and let’s not encourage him) would be scoring the event as a success, since no one actually said anything that could be used in a future Tory attack ad. However, I’d call it a failure because no one actually said anything that would really appeal to any voter outside the Liberal Party brain trust.
  • How dull was it? The Globe and the Citizen covered it by using Canadian Press copy. Susan Delacourt did a dutiful writeup for the Star, as did Mark Dunn for the Sun. (They might be able to put in for hazard pay since there was a genuine risk of being bored to death.)
  • Note to party organizers: if you want to make the next one really interesting, get Ezra Levant to moderate.
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  1. Roy Elsworth says:

    I didn’t see it on Sun News Network. I had it on all day trying to boost the ratings by keeping it on. Anyways I would not have watched it I was too busy playing online games but I glanced over at the tv once in a while.

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