I should, I think, offer some congratulations to our new Premier-designate, Ms. Kathleen Wynne. The only thing holding me back is my skepticism that her prize — the premiership of Ontario — is actually worth having.

The main reason I say this is (and there’s no getting round it) sooner or later, Ms. Wynne will have to call an election. And that means she, as Dalton McGuinty’s successor, will also be McGuinty’s kagemusha, to be the available target for Mr. McGuinty’s political sins. Things like ORNGE, a flailing program for funding alternative energy, flopping around on education … there’s enough anger, noticed even by the punditocracy covering Queen’s Park, that it won’t go away simply by plugging in a new light bulb at the top.

So it’s no surprise that Ms. Wynne won’t be going for an election this spring. You can make all the noises you like about her needing her own “mandate from the people”, but her task, right now, is to show everyone that she’s a good fit for the premier’s chair, and the best way for her to do that is to go through at least one session as premier. If she does it right, even if she winds up adopting Mr. McGuinty’s pet projects she’ll be able to convince the voters to judge her on her own merits, instead of as Mr. McGuinty’s stand-in.

She certainly has the right CV for it. Ten years’ experience as an MP, ministerial posts at Education, Transportation, Municipal Affairs and Aboriginal Affairs. If Justin Trudeau had that kind of résumé, the federal Liberals wouldn’t have bothered with a leadership convention. Granted, some experience with a fiscal-oriented portfolio would be nice, but so long as she doesn’t do anything to cause the cost of living in Ontario to spike, I think the voters will allow her a little benefit of the doubt.

So … perhaps not congratulations, but I will wish her good luck. I’m sure she’s going to need it.

(By the way, for those of you planning on comments, you’ll notice there’s a subject I haven’t touched on about Ms. Wynne, mainly because I don’t see that it’s relevant. I’d advise that you take the same approach.)

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3 Responses to Wynneterlude

  1. dmorris says:

    The only change that has just happened in Ontario, is a change of the leader of the corrupt party in power. In the end, I doubt any substantive change will occur, and no politicians will have to face justice for their corruption. The wind power issue alone is bad enough that some politicians should be in Court, not to even mention ORNGE.

    I am not familiar with Wynne, but from her CV, I have to ask, “what were you doing about Attawapiskat while you were Aboriginal Affairs Minister?”

    While the media may be awestruck by the first “openly gay” Premier, voters should watch what she actually DOES to address the many failings of the McGuinty government. Platitudes about “change” sound good, but there has to be some action on the ground, and I don’t see that coming from a politician who in the end is just another political insider.

  2. Nicola T. says:

    Don’t care that she is gay except that this will obviously be used to paint anyone against the Liberals as anti-gay. Too bad though that she is so unattractive and has such a grating voice since we have to follow her for the next few months. But mainly too bad that she hasn’t the slightest inclination to cut spending and bring down the deficit.

  3. WTF says:

    It will be in both the PC’s and NDP’s best interest to force an election ASAP. The PC’s to grab the right of center liberals that don’t support Wynne and the NDP to keep votes from bleeding to Wynne from them. Best to kick the liberals while they are down. The left side of the liberal party won and is looking squarely at the NDP for votes. Pupatello is no right winger but is from what is remaining of the blue liberals. I suspect this will happen next budget. I don’t think Wynne has the balls (sorry) to do what has to be done to fix the budget. Then again I could be wrong…..

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