Seven Years of Canadian Evolution

It’s an anniversary worthy of note: seven years ago today, the Canadian Establishment got a nasty kick in the backside.

Seven years ago today, the Canadian electorate decided it had had enough of the smugness of Paul Martin’s Liberal Party, and decided to “test-drive” a government led by a Calgary-based policy wonk.

They weren’t enthusiastic about it. It was only a minority. But after five years of watching him in action, and five years of watching the people whom the self-proclaimed Elites sent to oppose him, the voters decided he had done a good enough job to earn a majority.

So what does the record look like?

On the negative side: deficit spending (albeit in response to a recession). Less openness in government information. Reduced confidence in the parliamentary process.

On the positive side: Cutting the GST. Reducing tensions with Quebec. Increased pride in the military. Renewed interest in Canadian history. Eliminating wasteful programs such as the Long Gun Registry. Ending the monopoly of the Canadian Wheat Board. Helping the cause of free speech by fixing the Canadian Human Rights Act. Taking a small step in privacy by eliminating “mandatory” from the long form census.

There are other points on both sides, of course. But no one will deny: in his seven years as prime minister, Stephen Harper has made a permanent impact on the Canadian political scene. The nation can never go back to the way things were during the Chr├ętien / Martin era; too many things have happened.

Kinda makes you wonder how he’ll do in the next seven, don’tcha think?

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2 Responses to Seven Years of Canadian Evolution

  1. Rhonda N. Shepherd says:

    This week marks seven years since Stephen Harper was first elected Prime Minister of Canada. While the PM took the opportunity to tweet his self-assessed greatest feats on Wednesday, it occurred to some that certain exploits were missing from the carnival of Conservative accomplishments. Perhaps the Prime Minister should reassess his criteria and/or consider these seven success stories as feathers in his conservative cap.

  2. Dave B. says:

    With the looks of the opposition, he is just getting started. In seven years can anyone name a 2nd policy that the Liberal party has put before the Canadian people? I can’t.

    The first policy of course is the legalization of marijuana.

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