6 Blogging Resolutions For 2013

Resolution No. 1: I must blog more often. For various reasons during 2012, I didn’t write as many blogposts as I should have. Perhaps it’s due to complacency, always a danger when your side is the right side of a majority. Since complacency leads to smugness, which in terms leads to atrophy, this needs to change.

Resolution No. 2: I must be more critical of the federal Tories. This is not disloyalty, but a demonstration that there is such a thing as Tory values being in the mainstream. Those of us who elected the federal Tories to their majority need to demonstrate to those “progressive” extremists in social media that, far from being an unthinking fringe group that they would paint us as, our values are in fact Canada’s values. Reasoned, friendly criticism of the majority (and remember those two adjectives) will establish that.

Resolution No. 3: I must keep an equally watchful eye on the Opposition. There are some on the Right who will always dismiss the NDP as being out there, but if 2012 showed us anything, it’s that Tom Mulcair is a far better Opposition leader than either St├ęphane Dion or Michael Ignatieff. Like it or not, Mr. Mulcair is the Prime Minister in waiting — and that means he needs to be critiqued based on his own words and actions, not some blind Tory strategy room talking points.

Resolution No. 4: I must continue to strive to use primary sources for political blogposting. Once again this year, I found myself reacting to stories in the media, and linking to them too much instead of trying to find primary sources to link to. I’ll have to change that.

Resolution No. 5: I must explore more use of multimedia in my blogging. Original content creation like graphics and video. I think I ought to do more stuff like that; I’ve certainly got the equipment for it.

Resolution No. 6: I must continue to avoid becoming part of the Tory echo chamber. It’s an odd thing, but the blogpost I’m most proud of writing, in 2012, was this one on defending the restoration of Norman Bethune’s national park site. I’m proud of it because I did some checking, I used what I consider to be sound reasoning, and I put the reasoning down in a reasonable and fair manner that was most certainly at odds with what other commentators on the Right were saying.

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3 Responses to 6 Blogging Resolutions For 2013

  1. Johnn says:

    These intentions will only make your blogging more worthy. I fully agree with #1 because I thought back to when the largest majority in history was reduced to two seats and Liberals were taking all the credit for their victory. In polite debates I always maintained that it was due to pragmatic conservatives who levelled the real decisive punishment. Withholding or changing our vote allowed such a devastating defeat. We should always be courageous enough to assess & criticize our own beliefs.

    As far as #4 I would say that as a reader and participant of political blogs, I would say that this may be the very most appreciated intention.

    #5 I could easily live without further window dressing or news delivered by video.

  2. JoeFrmEdm says:

    Fair enough, Victor

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