Blogging Tories Challenge: Who Should Be Canada’s Newsmaker Of 2012?

Well, as you probably know by now, the Canadian Press has named the accused killer Luka Magnotti as their newsmaker of 2012. It’s a move that’s actually managed to unite all sides of the nation’s political spectrum in near-unanimous condemnation.

Do I think we can do better? Absolutely, which is the reason for this Challenge. There was one main criterion I followed in naming people:

No senior politician is eligible for this, because being a newsmaker comes with the job.

That means:

  • No Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair or Bob Rae
  • No cabinet ministers
  • No provincial premiers

Yes, I know the arguments for putting them on, if only to vent about their accomplishments and misdeeds. But we’ll stick to people who managed to make the headlines for reasons other than making noises in the chambers of their respective legislatures.

The main reason why Justin’s on the list is because, as of right now, he’s only an MP with a minor critic portfolio, who just happened to make a big splash. Brian Storseth’s there because his was the bill that became law, abolishing Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Adam Carroll’s the guy who tried to make Vic Toews’ private life public. Margaret Wente made the headlines for a little issue involving lack of attribution.

I’m sure you can think of others, and I welcome suggestions in the Comments. Just remember the “no senior politicians” rule as outlined above.

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6 Responses to Blogging Tories Challenge: Who Should Be Canada’s Newsmaker Of 2012?

  1. Nicola T. says:

    Student strikers in Montreal because they are the canary in the coal mines for the deterioration of law and order in our country and for the soaking of taxpayers for any whim.

  2. Blame Crash says:

    The CBC is nothing more than a far left disseminator of vile totalitarian propaganda and are totally unworthy of anything but scorn. Their dishonesty is exposed when they attempt to hoodwink their readers with calling “Montreal” the story of the year, when in fact, it’s the moral and intellectual rot in Montreal that’s causing these things to happen and if anything, that should be the story of the year. But no, instead, they try to hide that truth in plain sight. The reason they are attempting to deflect attention away from this fact is because Montreal is a bastion of Leftardism and like the North Korean media in their adulation of “Dear Leader”, all truth must be white washed. In any place that becomes overrun and infected with Leftardism, the dominant discussion is all about “social justice” and “helping the poor, poor people”. But all the action ends up being “every man for himself” and “screwth over thy neighbor before thy neighbor screwth over you”. That’s not hard to understand why.

  3. Bryan Landry says:

    As much as it pains me to say this, CBC had the right idea for story of the year. They called Montreal the story of the year because of the following reasons

    a) Student strikes
    b) Corruption
    c) severe weather in the city
    d) attention seeking physio
    e) mob wars
    f) PQ election night shooting

    It was a way around the story which I thought was classy

  4. VicToews NewBabysitter says:

    “The year’s not over yet”

    Correct, I believe the person of the year should be our proud aboriginal people standing up for the country and against Harpers friend apathy.

  5. Blame Crash says:

    The year’s not over yet so it only makes sense, at least for those of us with any, that the drooling, slack jawed, mouth breathing, sloped forehead, half wit imbeciles who constitute the so-called profession of journalistic frauds should themselves be the winner of this award.
    After all, these leftist ignoramuses have been murdering the truth for years.

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